"Keep up the amazing work you are doing" - Helen Silbiger. HIV/AIDs awareness facilitator that trained our Malawian staff. 

"Dear Tom

I am alright in Malawi. Work at our Libraries ia going on well. I visited Kaps Library and I was amazed with the numbers of users. I found every space in the library occupied . The space between the bookshelves had people squeezing their to read. I literally jumbed over legs of students to get to the Librarians office. These libraries are helping more people in the Area 36 than our original estimates.
Its even worse at our major city libraries in Lilongwe, Blantyre , Mzuzu and Zomba. If you come across any well wishers in England who would like to fund a big library building in a city as a gift to the Malawian people do not hesitate to contact them on our behalf.
The draft building is very unique. the combination of stands and Library would serve two purposes its like two in one. I will discuss this proposal with our staff and report back this week. Otherwise you are doing a great job foor the people of Malawi. I would like to convey my thanks for all your effort.
Best regards
Gray Nyali"

National Librarian
National Library Service



Steve Smala is an executive member of Silver Strikers FC the leading Malawian Premier League football club. He expresses his gratitude for the work of Building Futures in Malawi in the video below.

We also see the Malawi minister for sport in this video who wholely supports the work we are doing in Malawi



Zikomo Kwambiri! - Thank You From Malawi

We are incredibly grateful for all of the support we receive. Thank you. Please watch this video!


Hundreds of Photos from Lingadzi Academy Now On Facebook!

Friday 14th December 2012

Hi everyone, Building Malawi has been extremely fortunate to welcome many visitors and volunteers to Lingadzi Academy in Malawi. These wonderful folk have posted photos to our Facebook Page. Please check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/BuildingMalawi/photos_stream Be sure to like us on Facebook too! We would love it if you could visit Lingadzi Academy. We do not charge our volunteers. For more information check out our Volunteers page here: http://www.buildingmalawi.com/volunteer.html Best wishes from the entire team at Building Malawi! [caption id="attachment_103" align="alignnone" width="301" caption="Kids at Lingadzi Academy earlier this year"]Kids at Lingadzi Academy earlier this year[/caption]


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