Coach Football in Africa

It's FREE to coach football and netball in Malawi, Africa with Building Futures in Malawi!

You will need to cover the costs of the flight and accommodation but we do not charge for your help! We would be delighted to have your support at any time of year, regardless of your level of experience. So coach football in Africa with Building Futures in Malawi! See more on the volunteer page here or contact us here to get out to malawi!James Chilimampunga and the children at Lingadzi Academy


Start dates: All year round

Duration: Any length of time that you have available (At least 1 week recommended)

Requirements: Some experience coaching football and bags of enthusiasm!

Price: FREE! - We'll not charge you. You will have to pay for flights (£600), accommodation (£5 per night), food, insurance and any travel expenses.

What's included: Free airport pick up. 

What's not: Flights, Insurance, Accommodation, Food

Where: You will be based at Lingadzi Academy Community Sports School where over 400 children turn up every day to play football, netball and volleyball.

Likely workload: 1 or 2 90 minute coaching sessions per day. Plus you may wish to participate in the latest construction projects at the school such as tree planting or playground construction.

"Coaching football in Malawi is incredibly rewarding! The kids are fantastic and so enthusiastic. Not to mention brilliant at pretty much every sport! I couldn't recommend it enough. You will have an amazing time! Thanks to James Chilimampunga and Henry - they really looked after us!"

-Paul Christian, Building Futures in Malawi Volunteer Coach, Summer 2009

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Malawi Sports School

Every day hundreds of young Malawians turn up at our Malawi Sports School Lingadzi Academy and are given the opportunity to play football, netball and volleyball. We need volunteer coaches to work with them. So please help us! Situated on the outskirts of Lilongwe this venue is accessible to all - so get yourself on a flight and come and join in!

100 footballs for Malawi - see the short film below

When our project Manager, Tom Bowden, came to Malawi in 2001 he was invited to take time out from coaching Falls Secondary School to coach the Malawian national team. Aside from it being a fantastic experience it also highlighted a real need for football development in Malawi.   


Below is footage of players from the latest project that is being run by Building Futures in Malawi: Lingadzi Academy Community Sports School


Tom found that Malawian children were not being given the opportunity to reach their sporting potential. Tom felt that their enthusiasm and raw talent deserved more so he set up a community coaching programme at Premiership club Silver Strikers in Lilongwe. He taught the coaching staff how to coach children between the ages of 5 and 11. Now every monday the stadium is open to children to receive the opportunity to play and learn from the coaches.It has been incredibly successful and regularly attracts over 100 children.

In 2007 Tom ran a coaching clinic for 15 malawian coaches. This course trained these coaches how to deliver sports coaching to the 5-12 age group. The course also provided training in delivering the HIV/AIDS awareness message.  With a body of coaches we are replicating the success achieved at Silver Strikers across the entire city.  



In 2008 Building Futures in Malawi purchased land for a Community Sports School. The school will provide a top quality education but will also offer sporting facilites for the wider community. Our full time football coach and project manager James Chilimampunga coaches 200 children every day at this facility and the project is growing rapidly. We are keen to train more coaches and increase the size of the facility so please help us by donating.


Each summer a team of volunteers run holiday football courses in Malawi. They have also been involved in coaching at a refugee camp and a prison. If you would be interested in coaching football in Malawi then please contact us. Please note that we expect all of our volunteers to have experience coaching sports or teaching children. We want to ensure that everything that we do provides quality for the parcipitants. 


Summer '06 team meet England goalkeeper David James!

David James in BFiM polo shirt








In what was a rather surreal couple of days the Summer 2006 team spent the weekend showing England Goalkeeper David James and his family projects in Malawi. This included playing a game with the goalkeeper against local street children.

The England star captained a team of over-competitive Englishmen (that included BFiM representatives Tom Bowden, Tom Ellis and Simon Lane) to a thumping 3-0 victory over a team of over-charitable Malawian street children. 

half time team talk

Highlights of the game went to Tom B for his lungbursting 60 yard, box-to-box run that culminated with a ruthless finish to open the teams account; Simon for a last minute ‘do or die' challenge on a very quick boy with very skinny legs that seemed intent on ruining the grown ups fun;

Tom E for an equally courageous diving save that kept out their best effort (shame you were playing on pitch and that the ref gave a penalty); our goalkeeper (that we had ‘borrowed' from the best team we had seen in the morning) who saved the resulting penalty;

Robert Hillier for confirming that wartime trench camaraderie is alive and well in the modern world; Nick ‘I’ve never seen a football before' for reminding us that ‘football is harder than it looks' and best of all David James for proving categorically that ‘football IS harder than it looks'  by confidently pulling on the number 9 jersey and subsequently launching every open goal opportunity over the bar and into the neighbouring village. Priceless.

If you are interested in becoming a Building Futures in Malawi sports coach please contact us.




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Hundreds of Photos from Lingadzi Academy Now On Facebook!

Friday 14th December 2012

Hi everyone, Building Malawi has been extremely fortunate to welcome many visitors and volunteers to Lingadzi Academy in Malawi. These wonderful folk have posted photos to our Facebook Page. Please check them out here: Be sure to like us on Facebook too! We would love it if you could visit Lingadzi Academy. We do not charge our volunteers. For more information check out our Volunteers page here: Best wishes from the entire team at Building Malawi! [caption id="attachment_103" align="alignnone" width="301" caption="Kids at Lingadzi Academy earlier this year"]Kids at Lingadzi Academy earlier this year[/caption]


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